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Originally Posted by rabbit73 View Post
Trees block TV signals.
scroll down to Trees and UHF
Wet trees block TV signals even worse than dry trees.

With analog TV, the signals just got a little more snowy as they got weaker.

With digital TV, they suddenly drop out at a certain point as they get weaker. This point is called the "Digital Cliff."

The sudden dropout is caused by the FEC (Forward Error Correction system). The FEC is designed to correct the digital signal errors to maintain a good quality picture. As the digital signal gets weaker, there are more and more digital errors. The FEC has a limit to how many errors it can correct. Once that limit is exceeded, the FEC gives up, and the signal drops out.
Yes, I found out the different ways the signals act in 2008 when some of the local channels started with digital. And I learned that antenna aiming is more important with digital.

Aside from that (and the problem of everything going dead for hours, twice in the past year) digital has been a huge plus for me. Instead of 3-4 channels I get 12-14.
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