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Aha, yes. Mine is a Wineguard PS-1503.
Here is the Winegard troubleshooting video:

If it's working fine, like it is now, should I expect a voltage reading to be off or would I have to wait til it goes out again?
Check the voltage now while it is working. If it goes out again, see if the red LED is ON or OFF.

You have an intermittent problem. I think you know how difficult that is------you have to catch it when it is acting up.

At this point, you don't know what is causing the problem. It could be the antenna, the balun between the antenna and the preamp, the preamp, the coax between the preamp and the power inserter (injector), the power inserter, or the power transformer. It could even be the signals.

Your job is to isolate the problem to one part of the system by substitution of known good components, even if it means a completely separate test antenna and coax.

I can't be any more specific because I don't know what your antenna looks like and I don't know what kind of signals you have because you haven't given us a tvfool signal report for your location. You can do a report here:

I live in upstate NY, south of Rochester 30 or so miles, as the crow flies.
That might be somewhere near Geneso, Leicester, or Mt Morris.

Here is a report for Mt Morris. The Rochester signals aren't very strong, but WPXJ ION from Pavilion is strong enough to use as a test signal with a simple test antenna, if that is your location.
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