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Originally Posted by rabbit73 View Post
You said you had a preamp. A preamp needs power to operate, and a power inserter sends the power up to the preamp.

It is possible to measure the voltage at the power inserter to see if the voltage is there without going up to the roof. Of course, that is only he first step in trouble shooting a preamp. The results of that test will determine what you need to do next.

Do you have a voltmeter, or do you have a buddy that can make electrical measurements?
Aha, yes. Mine is a Wineguard PS-1503.

I have a meter, and know basic electricity, but know nothing about how this system works. What/where should I check? Can this thing go haywire, correct itself overnight, be fine for a year or so, then go through the exact same cycle again?

If it's working fine, like it is now, should I expect a voltage reading to be off or would I have to wait til it goes out again?
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