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It could be a solar flare. Where do you live?

Originally Posted by Terryl3 View Post
It's a big one

This mornings solar flare is the biggest one for many years, there have been reports in some areas of OTA TV and CATV signal loss, cell phone traffic has also been affected.

This flare has also affected HF radio signals and satellite signals.

It's the green line (I would have used the red one) you have to watch, as it is now above the dotted line, if it goes above the next line up then it may be time to get the lead underwear on.:eyecrazy

If it goes above the second line above the dotted line then we could see the AC power grid affected, it could cause (and in the past has) overloads and cause line circuit protection devices to trip.

This could cause wide spread power outages.:helpme

So if your missing out on the game, don't blame the station, there is nothing that can be done.

P. S. If it goes off scale then we will be back in the 17th century as far as technology.

P. P. S. It might be some good Northern Light viewing in some areas over the next few nights.

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