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Odd thing has happened twice . . .

Hi. About a half hour ago (it is now 2:00 AM) all my channels went dead on both my TVs. I normally get about a dozen channels or so.

This same thing happened around a year ago, and I assumed something went haywire with the antenna/cable -- there's no way all those channels could suddenly stop transmitting at the same time. But the next day everything was working fine, and has ever since. And I've forgotten about it, til tonight when it happened again.

I did a search here before posting and found this thread about a preamp going dead.

I put a whole new system on the roof in 2009, including a new preamp and cable going to two TVs (I don't remember for sure the brand of the antenna and preamp, but I'm thinking Wineguard). One of the TVs was replaced two years ago, the second one was replaced a year ago.

Everything has worked flawlessly since it all went black the last time, then came back on by itself. Any idea how it "fixed" itself overnight, and has been fine for a year or more?

If it doesn't come back on by itself miraculously tomorrow, before I go fooling around on the roof, is there anything I should do first? What do I check besides obvious connections to see if they're tight?

I'm not young, and am not crazy any more about getting up on the roof, but do it when I have to.

Thanks in advance!
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