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2020 Repack & Antenna Design

With the new repack and station reassignments and all the channels being below 36, wouldn't it be prudent for manufacturers to redesign antennas?
Hey Bobs: I know your questions and thoughts have come up in the forum several times since I've been here. I recall rabbit73 and AdTech both commenting that if antenna manufacturers could make money off a new design etc., it's possible we could see updated inventory. But it's tough in today's market as you know.

However, your point is well taken and according to all the information I've read about "cord cutting" continuing to rise, you would think that the remaining domestic manufactures would be taking notice. I know it's a somewhat complicated issue with numerous thoughts abounding. I guess we'll see.

Right now I've seen various "knock off" antenna designs across the web, mostly scaled down versions of outdoor antennas or "new" indoor ones claiming longer distance reception, etc.

I have read that when 3.0 OTA kicks in over the next several years, even indoor reception will improve with current antennas and other interesting options. However, the FCC is giving TV manufactures 5-7 years to incorporate 3.0 into their tuners. LG maybe the first to incorporate. So, in order to receive "all the goodies," consumers will have to plug their antennas into a small box and connect to their TV's, just like we did when switching over from Analog to Digital back in 08 or 09. Whoopie! But at least that's something to look forward to, I suppose.

Anyway, maybe others (insiders) will chime in on what the "skinny" actually is going on.

Take care, Bobs.....

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