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Okay first off thanks to everyone for the help so far! So we cut the cable and I have installed an antenna I went with the Solid Signal Extreme HD8200XL as I got it off flea-bay for 95 dollars shipped and reviews seemed as good as others.

I used 1 3/8 chain link fence top rail mounted in to 1 3/8 inch flange bearings to serve as a means for easy rotation and F
fabricated a brake to hold it's line. Grounded to a 8 foot 5/8 copper coated grounding rod driven down seven foot.

Antenna is about 10 feet above a 40 foot tower and tied to a 75 foot solid copper co-axial.I bought RG6 UV and weather resistant cable from Phat Satellite.

I did not get the Juice as I thought I would give what I had a try. Seems I have misplaced the outside unit for the CM 0264C pre-amp but had an old Archer 15-1123 amplifier and used it and it picked up maybe 8 more channels.

I am getting about 25 channels aimed about 351 degree to Atlanta. I am puzzled as I am getting some weaker channels but only one channel below 8.1 which is 4 not clear maybe a Latin channel. I am not getting channel 2.1 or channel 5.1 o 36.1 and on the report these channels have fair signals.

Not sure if I am missing anything and may still get the Juice pre-amp if that will help just wondering if it might be something else.

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