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Originally Posted by rabbit73 View Post
Hello, Tony

I agree with GroundUrMast on the antenna and preamp.

Here is a report from which should have a more accurate list of channels:

If you stick with Atlanta, you shouldn't need a rotor. If you do decide on a rotor, the older Channel Master CM-9521a rotors didn't hold up for long, but the newer 9521HD rotors are getting better reviews.

If you want a heavier duty rotor for the big HD7698P antenna, I suggest the Yaesu G450A, which is a ham rotator.
Thanks rabbit73, way back I used to go on the roof to adjust the antenna some times turning to Macon but mostly after strong winds the antenna would turn a little. If I got it just right some of the weaker stations did well.

With the added height and a amplifier a rotor may not be needed, but I would like it to be a one and done install if possible although I know some tweaking may be called far (story of my life).

Reading reviews on amazon over all the 7698p gets 4 1/2 stars although some plastic bits seam to be in question on a few.

Any thoughts on this antenna: http://

Thanks again rabbit73,
All the best to you, Tony
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