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I'm not sure what brand or model your antenna is (I am sure some others on here will recognize it) but it appears to be a high gain antenna for VHF-Lo, VHF-Hi and UHF. If the antenna is in decent shape you would just need to add a balun where the existing twin lead connects to the antenna, plug your coax into the balun, connect a TV and try it out. You might need to wire brush the connecting screws on the antenna if they are rusty before you connect the balun.

The end of the antenna with the small elements (to the left side of your picture) is the part you point at the TV stations you want to receive. Point it at about 202 degrees magnetic for the Toledo stations or 12 degrees magnetic for the Detroit stations.

After you verify if you get get reception with one coax cable to one TV set, then you can tell us more about your system such as connecting to multiple TV sets.
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