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Originally Posted by M.Unit View Post
Hello everyone.

We cut the cord a few years back and used this antenna mounted on the side of the house and connected to all 3 tvs and had phenomenal reception.
We do live in a large metro area and all of our towers are less than 30 miles away.

We are now moving into a new house, relatively same distance from all the towers (less than 30 miles) and have very little to no obstructions around us. This house actually has a ton of attic space that is easily accessible since we have spray foam insulation. The construction manager mentioned one of our neighbors mounted his "outside-sized" antenna inside his attic and has had no issues.
We are thinking of doing the same thing - mounting inside the attic.....looking at our TV report, do you all think this antenna would suffice or would you recommend something else? I ask only because we left the antenna connected at the old house so we have to purchase a new one any way. And we are looking to mainly get the channels in green.

Thanks again!
You'd probably get more exposure in the Reception Issues forum.

An attic installation may work ok for you, but there's a lot more uncertainty about how it's going to turn out than with a rooftop installation.

Let's say as a WAG that your attic cuts the signal reception strength in half. That means you need an antenna with twice the sensitivity of the ANT751 in order to have the same quality of reception for the new antenna. And the attic installation will be lower than the roof, so that's another potential loss of available signal.

You want to get the strong stations from Phoenix and from Tucson? The are widely separated. You could buy an Antennas Direct DB8e and point one panel at Tucson and one at Phoenix, and that would probably work ok in your attic. Sensitivity of the DB8e is pretty high, which should overcome potential losses due to your attic installation. You'd miss VHF-high stations KAET (PBS Phoenix) and KGUN (ABC Tucson), though you should get PBS and ABC from the other city.

If you wanted one or the other VHF-high station, you could add a dedicated VHF-high antenna and mix that signal with the UHF signal. There is lots of discussion of this in the Reception forum.

Really, if I were in your position and was set on an attic installation, I'd buy a cheap antenna , a long cable (50') and compare reception in my living room, attic and on the roof. Your report is very favorable, but an attic installation involves more risk than a roof installation.

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