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MisterMe - Thank you so much! This was my television. I purchased a cheap 19" TV (vizio), hooked up the antenna cable through the amp and now I have 31 channels. Now that is a drastic difference. Thank you Electron for your response.

When I had the channels before I would only be able to get CBS and one or neither of ABC or NBC and FOX was just out of the question. Now with the new TV all are coming in crystal clear.

I was lucky that my tv actually showed the scanning in progress. It indicated the hesitation on the channels I knew should work, in case that helps anyone else. I noticed during my initial set up, of the Vizio, there was no channel progression. Displayed was just a progression bar and a number of received channels, it did not really give a visualization of going through the channels and trying each one, like the LG.

Now I am going to buy a digital converter box for my Plasma. That should fix the problem. I don't have to go out and buy a brand new larger TV, right?

THANKS AGAIN. You both ROCK and saved me even more frustrations and money.
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