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With all due respect, if your TV worked for two weeks and then suddenly stopped working, then you do not have a reception problem, per se. It sounds like your TV has failed. This is the first possibility that you need to eliminate.

Begin by carefully going through your TV set's settings to ensure that it is properly set to receive OTA broadcasts. This should not be an issue because LG digital TV sets scan for all analog and digital channels for both cable and antenna in a single operation.

If your TV appears to be OK, then the next most likely cause of reception loss is the failure of badly installed antenna cabling. If you have another digital TV set in your home, then move your antenna from the LG to the other TV to ensure that your antenna is working properly. If you don't have another TV, make sure that your balun that connects your coaxial antenna cable to the antenna is properly connected. Use a digital multimeter to ensure that the inner wire of the cable is continuous and that it is not shorting out the braided outer shield.

We should not overlook your amplifier. You don't live in a great area for TV reception, but you appear to be receiving ample signal from the Philadelphia broadcast towers. Connect your antenna cable directly to the TV without the signal passing through the amplifier. What happens?

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