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Unhappy TV Signals just cut off...


Just another beginner trying to cut the cable from the Cable Company. I have a Channelmaster CM-3018 UHF/VHF/FM TV Antenna running through a Winegard ANWI8700 Winegard AP Signal Amplifier running R6 from all connections. My tv is a LG 42" Plasma with an HDTV tuner inside.

Currently I have the antenna in a spare bedroom and pointing in the correct direction. Now my antenna worked for about 2 weeks. Then one day I turned on the TV and no signal and nothing changed to my knowledge. (this also happened with an indoor antenna I first tried out, not sure if this correlates with current issue. But I was not able to fix the indoor antenna, that one was slightly old.)

I then ran the EZ-Scan provided in the setup screen on my TV. This proved to erase all channels that were once all there besides NBC. The map of channels is located here: and I would like to get most if not all from 96 compass degrees.

One other thing the "EZ-Scan" stops on all channels I want. The real Channel numbers is what the scan hesitates on. It will pause for about 2-5 seconds and then just continue, the new symptom. How can I make sure everything is running properly.

Also I live about 2-3 miles from a airport, realized today that this might be an issue. If so, how should I go about blocking out their signal?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can assist in anyway! Let me know if I need to explain anything clearer. The total cable length is around 50', no splits besides the amp power block and only to one tv in living room.
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