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Now I'm confused. Rabbitears says there is only 3 stations in grants pass. 8, 12, 26... I get those. Is that all I can get? Were in a valley so I don't expect to get other cities, but tvfool lists way more than 3 stations in grants pass....
When you look up each of the digital signals listed in your TVFR (see below), you get more than three... (NBC, Accuweather, ABC, FOX, MeTV, 3ABN, PBS, WorldTV, PBS Encore, Create, CBS and CW+) Not LA, Chicago or New York... but better than some areas around the country.

K20DT -- 20 -- ???
K49JE -- 49 -- NBC, KOBI translator -- Accuweather
K15BP -- 15 -- ABC, KDRV translator -- Duplicate in SD
K44JB -- 44 -- FOX, KMVU translator -- MeTV
KBLN -- 30 -- 3ABN
K04EY -- 04 -- NBC, KOBI translator
K19HS -- 19 -- PBS, KSYS translator -- WorldTV, PBS Encore, Create
K25JW -- 25 -- CBS, KTVL translator -- CW+, Duplicate in SD
K22FC -- 22 -- 3ABN, KBLN translator
K47GI -- 47 -- 3ABN, KBLN translator
K02JJ -- 02 -- PBS, KSYS translator -- World TV, PBS Encore, Create
KOBI -- 05 -- NBC, KOBI -- Accuweather
KSYS -- 08 -- PBS, KSYS -- World TV, PBS Encore, Create
K04JZ -- 04 -- CBS, KTVL translator -- ???
KDVR -- 12 -- ABC, KDRV -- Duplicate in SD
K07PZ -- 07 -- NBC, KOBI translator
K04JP -- 04 -- CBS, KTVL translator
K17EZ -- 17 -- 3ABN, KBLN translator
K33GJ -- 33 -- 3ABN, KBLN translator

When you look carefully at the list, you're quite right, a UHF only antenna is all that's needed to receive the available programming. The HD7000R that I and Electron have recommended is more antenna than you need at this time. It may pay to go ahead and install an all channel antenna, hoping that unique programing would be added on a VHF channel at a future date but there's no guaranty that will happen.

A home made antenna such as the 4-bay bow-tie with no reflector should be able to receive real channels 49, 15, 44, 30, 19 and 25 when facing north and south. What do you get when you place your 4-bay bow-tie outside, high (roof top) in the clear? (connected to one digital capable tuner)

If you wish to optimize your 4-bay bow-tie, here is a reputable DIY design:

If you want to use a commercially built antenna, any of the 4-bay bow-tie style antennas from Antennacraft, Antennas Direct, Channel Master or Winegard can be modified by removing the reflector... usually a matter of drilling a few rivets out.
If the well is dry and you don't see rain on the horizon, you'll need to dig the hole deeper. (If the antenna can't get the job done, an amp won't fix it.)

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