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The photo of the fractal antenna suggests that the elements are far too short. The matching transformer appears to be a Radio Shack 15-1230. If so, it makes a fair gauge to scale the rest of the photo from. As such, the antenna may be a fairly good antenna in the 700 to 900 MHz (cell phone) range but not in what's left of the OTA TV UHF range and certainly not down in the VHF spectrum.

The 4-bay bow tie looks better. However, the stubs at the top and bottom may be acting as traps (filters). I would cut the extra phase line stubs off. Leave no more than 3/8" beyond the upper and lower 'whisker' attachment screws. That said, the 4-bay is only going to do well in the UHF band. As you've already observed, VHF signals such as KOBI are not going to be received well by this type antenna.

The Wallmart antenna looks like a Mohu Leaf... likely a UHF only design.

As far as receiving only two analog signals is concerned, there may only be two left on the air. If so, they're not going to stay on the air forever, the FCC will force them to switch to digital or go silent by about 2015 if I'm not mistaken. Your older analog set needs a DTV converter (obviously).

The Low-VHF signals are more challenging due to noise/interference generated by various sources like power lines, computers, automobile ignition systems, etc. Still, I would try to go after those signals.

A simple one antenna solution would be a Winegard HD7000R roof mounted, aimed south, about 165 compass.

Also, take a look at, they are a good source re. what's on the air and what's not.
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