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Thank you all for your quick responses.

First of all, here's the updated URL for the OTARD rule. It appears the FCC is redesigning their website.

I should've made clear in my initial post that I was aware of the rule. However, since no other owner has a dish or OTA antenna on the roof (the satellite dishes tend to be in the owner's garden), it's obvious that the association would try to use the "common areas" loophole in the rule to try to stop any outside antenna on the roof. It's just not a fight that's worth it to me. I'm sure I'll need the association's help someday on an unrelated matter and I don't need to be known as the "troublemaker" even if I won.

Anyway, I see I should've added some more information to my initial post.

I'm only worried about one TV (living room) for the antenna. If I put an antenna in the attic, then I'm hoping to run another line to the TV in the kitchen. However, that TV is simply there to watch the morning and evening news as I eat a meal so that reception isn't as important. I'm also not worried about receiving WOCK. If that happened, it's a bonus but it's not important to me. Currently, I only get a few channels on the kitchen TV but the kitchen doesn't have a window in the proper direction of the transmitter. Until I get something in the attic, I've resigned myself to a limited channel selection in there.

Also, I did have the RCA antenna in the window facing SE. Today, I dragged in an old piece of furniture that allows me to move the RCA antenna to 6' off the ground. I bought a longer coaxial cable and adapter to make the antenna reach that height. Initially, I had difficulty with WTTW but moving the antenna slightly away from the window seems to have helped. However, it could simply be luck. It's hard for me to tell since the problem is intermittent.

I admit to being spoiled because setting up the antenna in Indianapolis was very easy. I could use my 20 year old Radio Shack special and it picked everything up immediately. It even picked up a PBS station 40 miles away. However, there's not much outside of Indianapolis except for corn fields so the signal doesn't get stopped by much.

Thanks again for your help.

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