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Antenna recommendation for 60074

I'm trying to find the best antenna to receive OTA channels in my town home. Since it's a town home, I don't have the option of an outside antenna. I do have attic access if that's necessary. Since the outlet for the coaxial cable is on the other side of the room from the TV, I'd like to stay with an indoor antenna if possible.

Here's my radar plot:

Here's the antenna I currently use:

The UHF portion of the antenna is only about 2.5 ft off the ground. There are tall trees (probably 20-30 ft high) in the direction of the transmitter (and the window where the antenna currently sits).

About 60% of the time, the green channels in the plot come in clearly. However, if the weather is bad or it's windy at all, then I start to get bad pixelation.

If it helps, I never watch WSNS, WJYS, or WGBO. As far as I know, WBBM is still broadcasting as a VHF channel so the antenna needs to be able to pick up VHF as well as UHF channels.

I only care about the green channels. I'm not trying to get crazy and pick up Milwaukee channels. I know I couldn't do that with an indoor antenna.

If I need to get the indoor antenna higher up (6 ft or more), I'll need an antenna recommendation where I can attach my own coaxial cable rather than it being permanently attached to the antenna (like the RCA ANT111).

Thanks for your help.

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