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need help with reception

hi all,

i'm trying to figure out why i get great reception for some channels but not others. my radar plot is here: and also attached.

in particular, i'm frustrated with the poor reception i get for the various KQED channels - 9.1, 9.3, and KQEH 54.3. i'm especially confused since KQED is listed as being of comparable strength and in the same location, as other channels for which i get excellent reception. KGO, 7.1 and 7.2 come in really well, and consistently. but my reception for KQED channels seems to vary, with no obvious pattern. sometimes it comes in really well, sometimes it doesn't. 9.1 seems to come well more often than 9.3, but not often enough to be reliable. 54.3 which rarely comes in at all (but i see that its transmitter is in a different direction/location).

do channels with the same whole number use the same transmitter - is that why for example, 9.3 isn't listed separately? i would also like to get 32.4, one of the KMTP channels.

i live in a wood construction apartment building, on the top (third) floor. one thing is that i do have my TV, and antenna, somewhat in the interior of my apartment. to have the antenna near a window would require probably ~30 feet of cable, and spanning across multiple doorways (argh). but also, i did have it set up near the window at one time, and it didn't seem to make too much of a difference (my window faces southeast, while ).

i'm currently using a mohu leaf. i'm not sure if it was a smart change, because while for some channels i have improved reception (KNTV 11.1 and 11.2 i think), other channels stopped coming in completely (eg KOFY 20.1 ). before, i was using the philips SDV2710/27:, which at least i could move around/turn more (while the mohu has to stay on my wall). any advice re: which one is better would be helpful too.
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