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Tv Antennas and Tv Reception

Yes the Channel Master distribution amplifier can go in the crawl space under the house if it is dry in the crawl space.

Use a distribution amplifier that has a output for each Tv location. Do Not connect splitters to the outputs of the of the distribution amplifier , the reason is many old houses and even new houses have coax wiring schemes that are not conducive to good tv reception , as an example , ganged splitters , a splitter is connected to another splitter connected to another splitter and etc. . Each time a split takes place the signal is reduced.

A coax will go from each output of the distribution amplifier to a Tv location.

As Mister Me says , The antenna is aimed at the Atlanta area stations in such a manner as to receive the maximum number of stations , aim the antenna at WGTV-DT channel 8 , About 14 degree magnetic compass , 10 degrees true.

As always the starting aim point is the starting aim point , the antenna can be turned for the best reception of the Atlanta area tv stations.

Look at the Current Plus Pending Applications Included Digital Tv stations/channels of the Tv fool radar plot and you will see that the Tv stations on the east side of north are weaker then the main group of Tv stations on the west side of north.

Tv antennas have a forward beam width , The forward beam width of the antenna will easily receive the Strong Tv stations on the west side of north , so the antenna is aimed more to the east side of north to get those weak Tv stations.

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