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Tv Antennas and Tv Reception

As a test/experiment , aim the HD7696P antenna at about 137 degree magnetic compass.
To see if reception of the Macon stations are something to invest in.

If so then install a Second HD7696P antenna with a Winegard AP8700 preamp. The output of the AP8700 preamp will have no splitter for one Tv connection , a 2 way splitter for 2 Tv's connected , and a 3 way splitter for 3 Tv's connected.

It will be 2 SEPARATE Antenna systems the Atlanta antenna system and the Macon antenna system.

The 2 SEPARATE Antenna Systems WILL NOT be Connected Together On to One Coax.

The 2 SEPARATE Antenna Systems Will Be Separate all the way to the Tv or TV's. And a remote control A/B antenna switch will be at each Tv to switch from one antenna to the other. , # 15-1968 . # 32-4425 .

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