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Tv Antennas and Tv Reception

Remove the UHF reflectors that are shaped like this , > , the reflectors look like the vee shape from the side , the reflectors are above and below the main boom the antenna. Removal of the reflectors will allow more of the UHF Tv signal to get to the UHF reception element from other directions. As a Test , connect only one Tv , no splitters , every time a split takes place the signal strength is reduced. What is reception like now?? . As an example Identify the Tv channels that are being received like this. KAAS-DT 17 (18.1) Fox , KPTS 8 (8.1) PBS . It is Ok to turn the Tv antenna to the left and right to find a spot that gets the best reception. . Identify the amplifier by make and model number that you say killed reception.

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