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Originally Posted by Dave Loudin View Post
Sigh. You had all this information before you in your TVFool report. Please read the Signal Analysis FAQ to learn more. Also, UHF is more line-of-sight than VHF. However, VHF signals, especially at the powers used by many stations, have a harder time getting through buildings than UHF.
True but reading AND comprehension are two different things. Sometimes I even have to read the same thing more than twice.

Here's the better news. I spoke to the Condo builder. He confirmed that is what the pipe stubs were intended for. I spoke to the our city building inspector and there are no guidelines or restrictions for coax so no permits or inspections necessary. I spoke to the HOA president and he is supportive and might even want to get in on this as well. I'll be bringing it up at the next HOA meeting to gauge "reception" at the homeowner level. I may be doing this for more than just my mother.
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