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All good points Electron. I did a little more testing and research. Here's what I found. Our 7 & 9 are definitely on VHF not UHF. Our 2 is actually 51 and is UHF along with all the rest so that explains why I could find it and the others but not 7 & 9. VHF is much more necessary to direct or line of sight reception. (not said well but you know what I mean)

Since my local signals mostly come from the NW but the apartment is on the SE most all the signals are lost to building blockage. I combined two 15' coax cables I had as spares. That allowed me to get a cheap rabbit ear style antenna out past the patio and past the foyer where the front door is just setting it on the ground. TA DA! Channels! All 25 of them! Good, strong quality too!

I did some snooping around the building too. It's a 12 unit condo (like apartments) four units per floor and 3 floors. I could run a wire up the vinyl corner molding to the soffit and then into the attic to an antenna. Like a did with my house. However, I found in the utilitiy rooms on each floor there is an unused pipe stub. I'm sure the builder put it there specifically for running extra wire like antenna from floor to floor. The only downside is I couldn't find the attic access so it must be through one of the apartments.

I've tried contacting the HOA manager but hasn't returned my call yet. I don't know what they're position is yet but I wouldn't be surprised if they stone wall. If so, I'll start enlisting the help of other residents and we'll go from there. I'm glad to read there is support from other cases.

Thanks again for all your help!
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