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Antenna Suggestions - Chico, CA

I’d appreciate suggestions/ recommendations for an outside HDTV antenna, most likely one with a simple roof or eave mount…no big tower. Initially, I considered putting one in the attic, but the access door is very high – takes an extension ladder just to enter – and it’s a long crawl back to where I could place it for the shortest cable run to the entry point at floor level.

Since I’m getting old, have health issues, and live on a fixed income, cost is a factor in everything. Ideally, I could get both UHF & VHF, yet some are UHF only – such as the 2 & 4 bay styles. Seemingly, antennas that receive both signals would be more costly, and rabbit ears may pick up the few available VHF channels sufficiently. I don’t really know

For most stations here, it seems you could roughly point north and get those, yet the graph I ran shows some coming from the south. Those bow tie type, apparently, must be pointed/ facing the direction of the towers. So, I also wonder if an omni-directional type would be best….or stick with something indoors that can easily be adjusted?

An elderly neighbor has a little “dual style” antenna sitting atop her TV set, and she gets a lot of channels very clearly. I don’t know how many others one might get with a roof mount, or if the signal would be that much better. And then there’s the issue of a rotor or not, which I’d rather avoid if possible due to additional cost, installation, etc. (Then again, I don’t wish to frequently be climbing a ladder to reposition the antenna either…)

[B]Here’s the link to my TV Signal Analysis results:
Thanks in advance for any suggestions on antenna type, model, or other things I should consider.

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