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Tv Antennas and Tv Reception

For buyer/owners . The Federal Antenna Law 'clearly states' that any size antenna and mounting location can be used outside so as to receive the Tv transmissions. HOA's , housing coven-nuts and etc. are Well Aware of this Federal Antenna Law. . As to getting the antennas coax to your mothers unit , the coaxes for the satellite systems are most likley on the outside of the building. The coax from the antenna can also be on the outside of the building. If the antenna were placed in the attic then the coax can go through the wall of the attic to the outside , down the outside wall and into your mothers unit. (not through the actual roof , do not drill a hole through the roof and stick the coax through the hole). Also on the outside , look up under the roof over hang on the outside where the roof meets the wall on the outside , all most all buildings have ventalation holes , the coax can go out the ventalation hole to the outside and down the outside wall. Here is something else to consider , many new buildings have metal back insulation panels on the under side of the roof , this metal will reduce or block Tv transmissions. Also so I can be clear in my understanding is this a Condo or is this a Apartment. And if it is a Condo , does your mother or the buyer own all three floors?? Here is something else to understand , apartment renters do not have the same rights as owners and that is clearly stated in the Federal Antenna Law. The Federal Antenna Law Does Not Prohibit the Owner of the apartments from saying Yes you can put a Tv antenna on the roof or outside wall. There is a difference between owner/buyers and renters.

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