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With one of the indoor type antennas out on the patio , should be receiving more channels then one channel. The Tv MUST SCAN for the Digital Broadcast Tv Channels sometimes named the 'Antenna Channels' or 'Air Channels' in the Tv setup menu because the Tv transmissions travel through the air from the transmitting antenna to the receiving antenna. DO NOT scan for cable Tv channels. Also the antenna must be connected to the antenna input connection on the Tv. Also amplified antennas Must be plugged in to work. Here is a Tv antenna that is made to look like a small dish. . . The antenna should be mounted up as high as possible on the outside of the building to receive the Tv stations to the north/west and south/east. Think about where the Tv stations are at , think in terms of getting the antenna to clear the roof. Here are some places to buy antennas and etc. , , . The make of the Tv is Sharp , what is the model number??
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If this is a Condo that is being bought or is owned. Then the buyer/owner of the Condo has the right to install and use a antenna mounted above the roof. Here is the Federal Antenna Law that says Yes you can. The ANT751 or ANT751R will work real fine , aimed at about 145 degree magnetic compass. Here is how to aim antennas , Here are some roof top antenna mounts , , , , Buy the ronard antenna mounts at solidsignal by typing the word ronard in the solidsignal search box or buy from ronard. Does the Condo have a attic??
Those are some good links. I appreciate it. I'm still trying to get an straight answer from the HOA. They allow dishes so I don't see how they can completely stop antennas. Maybe limit the types. That link on rulings may be a big help. The hardest part might be getting the coax from the attic to the ground floor since it's three floors. I think a total of 12 units in each building.

The TV is a Sharp Aquos LC-42D64U and I did search specifically using the air. I even tried a digital converter box and another TV to verify it wasn't the tuner on the Sharp. They all had the same problem with skipping 7 & 9 which I see now are VHF whereas all the others appear to be UHF? Maybe there is a way to improve VHF alone?

What we need is a way to bend the signals so they can make a right hand turn.
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