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It's stick built. No brick or concrete other than the foundation that I am aware of but I don't know that for a fact. Since it's three stories they may have some support walls of blocks for tornado resistance. It also has vinyl siding so I'm sure it has some kind of Tyvek underneath, maybe reflective wrap. Don't know for sure since we weren't around at time of build. It's about 10 years old. It does have a walk out patio and I did actually put the best powered antenna out there just for elimination of another variable. Being in the SE corner though wasn't enough to clear the building. I thought if I worked I could put some RG56 through the wall and try to hide the antenna under the deck above but since it literally had no effect I tossed that idea.

The only other windows are another East & a South in adjoining rooms so it would be an issue to run cable under carpet or whatever. During testing I did try the South window hoping to catch some reflective signals off the condo's across the street. No luck. It's only a 2 bedroom and about 975sq.ft. I know the biggest problem is the East facing and only 5 ft. off the ground. It's very evident by the map because mine compared to it has all the same channels but in the green.
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