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3 to 9 dead zone?

I'm trying to help my Mother kick the cable habit since she is retired and on a fixed income. I get a weak 2.1, 2.2 but nothing for 7 & 9. It's like a dead zone that is completely gone. Here's the scenario:

Here's the map
Zip 52402
Sharp Aquos 42'' 1080p
The big 3 transmit from 21 miles away NW.
The her apartment is on the ground floor, three level condo but in SE corner.
No antenna rule but dish is ok.
Window by the TV faces East and that's my only choice for pulling in the signal.
Multiple cable swaps provided no change.

3 passives and 2 powered antennas including this one are of no use.

My house is 1.5 blocks away with an attic antenna facing NW and I get them just fine.

How come 2 comes in but not 7 and 9 and how do I get them?
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