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If using a rotor I highly recommend testing thoroughly before installing, by connecting and running end to end several times. I have installed many and most of the reported rotor failures are out of the box. The most rugged rotor is the Channel Master. It has the best track record for reliability and should be used when mount any antenna with a boom length over 72 inches in length.

When mounting any compact or bay style antenna, Aspen Eagel Roto 100 can be used. It has had some reliabilty issues reported, but is a greatly improved product. If you use this product PRE TEST before installing. follow the instructions for cabling to a "T".

I use the one cable hook-up. This allows you to use the signal coax to operate. A real work saver! If using this hook-up with a pre-amplifier, you need to choose an amplifier that has a compatability. The best match is Winegard 8700. I have used the Channel Master 7778, but the 7777 WILL NOT WORK.
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