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Tv antennas and Tv reception

Unlike analog , Digital is Very Tolerent of reception of transmissions through the back and back angle and even the side of a antenna. So no rotor is required to turn the antenna to different locations. This has been Proven many times with reports back from the question askers saying they are receiving the channels. And also the antennas I install. The question askers are not likely to jump through hoop after hoop to make a antenna rotor work. A antenna rotor makes for conflict in the house about where the antena is pointed. A rotor Is Not friendly for channel surfing , must wait for antenna to rotate. I Do Not and Will Not recommend a rotor unless a there is a -> real and actual requirement. Before I recommend a rotor I look and see what is on all the receivable channels , duplicate programing in an other direction means those channels are out. For reception of more then one direction I recommend a 2 antenna set up with a remote control A/B antenna switch that Is channel surfing friendly , and I explain how to connect it all up so that is easy to understand and do. More then two antennas installed is Very Rare. And all most always there is a way to work around more then two antennas by actually looking up what programing is on the Tv stations channels. Some times I do recommend 1 fixed antenna and a 2nd antenna on a rotor. I Will Go To ANY Lengths to explain the advantages of two antennas and a A/B switch. And I will Go To Any Lengths to explain the disadvantages of a rotor. I do not recommend a antenna rotor just because I can.

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