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Counting on a directional antenna receiving channels from the back and sides of the antenna could leave you with intermittant or no reception from any but the stations more than 20 degrees from your stationary position. I know that most installers and viewers would rather not deal with the rotor, but the fact remains that without the ability to aim the antenna towards the desired stations channels your antenna system is limited.

The rotor that I recomended is programable to make repositioning as easy as pushing a button on a remote control. If you install the rotor you simply set the antenna to magnetic North with the display set on 000 and the rotor at end of rotation. Then you can simply enter the magnetic location in three digits with the remote control. The antenna will move to the desired station. Then you can use your signal strength meter to peak your reception. With stations peaked you store the position for a one button recall. How easy is that? Once set up you will be able to surf any channels in your primary location and move to any receivable station in any location. This will provide a better selection of Newscast, Sports franchises, and sub-channels. than a fixed position.
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