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This recommendation is based on the Current Plus Pending Applications Included for digital tv stations/channels in the tvfool radar report of 04-17-2012. A simple reception situation. Install a Winegard HD7696P antenna above the roof aimed at about 184 degree magnetic compass. Here is how to aim antennas , Of the receivable Tv stations . The Tv stations/channels that will be received are , WSNL-LD channel 47 NBC , KHDS-LP channel 51 ABC and MeTv , KAAS-DT channel 17 FOX and the Cool Tv , KWCH-DT channel 19 CBS and Local Weather. K15CN channel 15 Trinity Broadcasting Network , KSCW-DT channel 12 The CW , KPTS-DT channel 8 PBS. Thats the Tv stations in the , green , yellow and the first station that is KPTS PBS in the red reception zone. These Tv stations are received With Out a antenna Rotor , Antenna rotors are Not friendly for channel surfing , must wait for the antenna to rotate and not every one will agree where the antenna is aimed. There are some other stations/channels that can be received with a , Large Antenna , a antenna rotor or second antenna. Here they are , A second PBS - KOOD-DT channel 16 , KDUC-DT channel 31 Spanish Univision and the rest in the red reception zone are duplicates of what you will be already receiving NBC and ABC. The tv stations/channels in the gray reception zone Will Not be received.

First of all thank you guys for the wealth of information it sounds like I would have been less than happy with the DB4e or Db8. I was hoping to pull the larger chunk of stations such as you said above without a rotator and it sounds like I should be able to if I am understanding you correctly. OS even though some of those channels are in the 70 and 30 degree mark setting the antenna in the 184 degree range I will still be able to pick them up as well as the ones in the 188 to 340 degree zone without having to have the rotor? Also I assume the next step up would be the Winegard HD7697P? Thank you guys again for your wealth of information and knowledge I really appreciate it!
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