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Needing a little advice from the pro's...

Currently I have a make shift antenna out of coax cable, foil and wood in my attic while this does give me a few channels I am looking at grabbing the other few that seem to be available. Here is my report

now I have been looking at the Db8 and then ran across the DB4e I could be completely off in left field of this even being what I need and was just hoping for a little advice from you guys out there that are a lot more knowledgeable than me. Any and all help is greatly appreciated and I am aware there are not a lot of stations out there for me to pull in my area, however I would like to get all of them that I can and plan on mounting this antenna on top of the garage. Other information I do have a total of 4 HDTV's I would like to split this signal to if possible as it is currently only on the main TV so if I would need an amp of some sort I would appreciate opinions on that as well. Thank you!
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