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Information and Articles selected by Electron

Here is my translation of the following article. The international and local cell phone and wireless broadband companies and corporations and Julius Genachowski / FCC , have Hungry Eyes and Hungry Souls and Hungry Business Desires for the remaining UHF broadcast Tv Channels/Frequencies and will do any thing to get them , truth , lies , buy , steal , they will hurt anyone that gets in the way. it's sugar coated with phrases and high sounding words. However real truth is not nice. .Here is more information about the "voluntary" , wink , wink , wink , action that is being taken. . I know a retired Tv station engineer that has designed and is selling antennas that take at vantage of this "voluntary" , wink , wink , wink , action. . And here is more information , If you can read what is really there , it is not nice and stinks real bad.

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