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Interfering signals

As usual you missed the point. From the very beginning when you started posting here at tvfool you are blinded by the safety issue , this is not about the safety issue , I made that clear and the article makes it clear. As usual you missed the point. For RF interference , grounding the coax foil shield and shield wires with a coax grounding block directs some or all of interfering signals to ground. That means less interference and multipath picked up by the Coax and transfered to the Tv. And that makes for better Tv reception. Grounding the coax has nothing to do with the antenna in and of it's selfs reception of interfering signals. And yes the the cage is open on one end to let the desired Tv signals in , it is the reason for doing it. And yes the cage and coax is grounded to direct interfering signals and multipath to ground , the cage is very close to the antenna , if the cage is not grounded then the cage will become a big antenna and radiate more of the desired signals and interference to the antenna inside the cage. This about RF shielding.

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