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Jason l
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Smile Balun or not balun

so I still have not settled for a balun I get better signal cutting coax and connecting center too one side and shielding to other side of my bow tie antenna the benefit mostly on uhf med high. I purchased channel master balun and it is a very durable product solid wire instead of stranded leads and sealed well. HOWEVER! It don't work for my uhf mid upper. I purchased 4 of them so I cut leads on one as short as I could with did help (uhf). But no balun works better and my old antique balun works the best. I now will have to order some of the winegard baluns to try. I am close to not using one just not sure how to seal open coax. My mast is not big enough to house a balun. But coax will fit and I would just have cut open coax exposed 2-3" any experience or idea is welcome and thank you for this site
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