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Pre-Amp/ Receiver suggestions

Finally made the jump to cut cable, trying to find out what type of preamp setup (or other ideas) to run.
20' and 30' AGL reports

I'd previously had an HD home run for cable which I liked.

Looking to get some of the Chicago channels. Preferably WGN. I know with a medium antenna and standing on the roof with the antenna plugged directly into the tv I was able to get it so there is hope. In an effort to improve chances I bought a DB8e which should be in next week.

So questions

Will I be ok to run a high gain preamp with that or will I over power it with the "localer" Rockford channels? Hoping to install on the side of my house facing Chicago so the house can block Rockford and Madison channels.

Do I need an LTE filter ( I see some of the CM amps have them integrated) if I can see a cell tower less than 1/4 mile away?

Does it make more sense to just run a hd home run on the roof and run Ethernet into the house rather then coax? Where do I put a power inserter then too.

Can power inserters be 50 feet downstream?

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