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Not arguing the point because I don't know but recent past results are different.
Just stating my personal experience.
I understand.

The change in reception could be for more than one reason. The antenna might not be doing as well as when it was new and the trees are growing higher.
I apologize and not trying to be obstinate.
There is no need for you to apologize. We understand that you want good reception on all TVs, but there is no easy fix for reception from two different directions at your location.

Many of your signals are weak, which requires an antenna with a lot of gain. But, a high gain antenna is VERY directional.

That is one of the many things that confuse me.
Until a week or two ago, these channels came in adequately 80+% of the time.
I have not adjusted the direction in several months.
Trees like to grow taller in the summer. If the reception gets better after the leaves fall, it was the trees. If it doesn't get better, then it might be the antenna.
I know a rotor will improve reception.
But, how do I get performance from the 2 separate TVs that want to watch different stations?
By making sure that each TV is connected to the right antenna for that TV.
For example one wants to watch WJAC and the other WPGH?
Another point is where the heck is north?
Apparently it moves around here on Peach Hill.
Just use the green signal lines on the satellite photo. They are oriented to true north, which is at the top of the photo.
Just got my new better compass and anxiously went outside to get a true bearing of which way my antenna is pointed.

North moves 30-45 degrees while I'm holding the compass.
Something is affecting your compass, like metal or another magnet. It should be more steady than that. Keep in mind that the compass points to magnetic north. There is a difference of 9 or 10 degrees between true north and magnetic north at your location.
My best guess is I'm pointing 230 or so but who knows?
The green signal lines know, use them as a reference with a landmark.
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