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Originally Posted by Alan909 View Post
Is there such a thing to put a TV Repeater System on a hill to get signals from the main TV stations from another city to transmit to a local community with antennas???...
The repeater/translator would be for just one channel, not all channels from another city.

If you want all channels, it would need to be a CATV system with coax feed to all homes.

If it's just for one home that isn't too far down the hill, there are two ways of getting all channels without the need for a license.
1. Antenna and preamp on the hill and coax feed down to the house.
2. SiliconDust tuner and antenna on the hill with a WiFi link down to the house.
Hill Top Antenna Linked via Wifi

On that thread, Tower Guy, who is a retired TV engineer, discusses a passive repeater.
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