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pre-amp for HD7694P

I bought a Wineguard HD7694P. We are approx 125 above sea level and the antenna is on a 5' pole on a 2 story house. Reception is pretty good.

I went for the "45 mile" antenna as we are just shy of 30 mile from the ESB for NY network TV broadcast. Perhaps I should have bought the HD7697.
In any case, CBS is a little light sometimes.

The antenna is split at the antenna to 2 coax feeding 2 TVs, each approx 50' downstream of the out side split.

I'm thinking of putting a pre to boast for CBS as well as to split to a OTA DVR (Tablo or Silicon Dust) on one TV. And a 2nd split (if it works) for the other TV and FM (since it seems to do fine for FM as well).

Though I know the best bet is a pre at the antenna, might I have any success with the splits and pres at the 2 TVs?
What pre?

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