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Thanks much for the follow-up ADTech! Very interesting indeed. Between your replies and rabbit73 info provided, I've become much more enlightened as to how my antenna set up works. Since OTA TV has always been my go to for viewing, I've increasingly grown curious as to how it all works. TV Fool has been extremely helpful in directing me to continue my life long learning in this field. And both you and rabbit73 have always been willing to answer my questions. I can't thank you enough and I'm sure I echo many on this forum. BTW, I found a place on the RCA web site where one could post questions to an RCA Engineer. So, nothing left to loose I emailed them and to my surprise, I just received an answer to my initial question. And the response was.....exactly what you first said here in this thread--shorter elements UHF and longer VHF High. So, to be fair to RCA (or rather VOXX), I was able to get something out of their "proprietary information!" But I think I will keep posting my future questions first on this forum. I know I will get help here. Best to you ADTech!
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