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Greetings folks: I have a fairly decent flat screen TV and I am driving it with Clearstream C4 antenna. My problem is, the TV is not a “Smart TV” nor does it have audio or video outputs (not even a headphone jack). I would like to somehow connect my antenna to my surround sound receiver so I can take advantage of the available 5.1 TV programming.

My question is: Since my receiver does not have a TV antenna connection, do any of you know of a converter to which I can attach my antenna coax that will convert the signal to HDMI or RCA outputs that I can connect to my receiver? I do have an old VCR but I don’t think it will work properly with the digital input and I have also considered using one of those digital converter boxes we had to attach to our old non-digital TVs but that doesn’t seem feasible either.

In any event, I will appreciate any advice and/or suggestions you might be able to offer (other than buying a new TV) — thank you.
Back in the day, everybody used their VCR as a tuner/ audio source, but that was analog and won't receive digital signals.
A converter box will be perfectly feasible, as long as it has L/R RCA outs and seems like your best option for the time being.
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