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An option at your location I'd try would be a single antenna system. The Antennacraft HD1800 is not only a strong heavy duty antenna, it is also idea for someone in your situation with weak signals who desires RF channels 2 - 51 across all three TV broadcast bands (low-vhf, high-vhf and uhf).

I would orientate antenna to Philadelphia at magnetic compass heading 308. Expect to see Philadelphia signals down to WHYY PBS on RF 12.

Further, I'd purchase a preamp. A RCA TVPRAMP1R is great performer for the price.

Make sure when installing, on preamp, run coax from antenna (3 to 6' jumper) into "combined" antenna preamp input. Also under a little rubber boot of the inputs is a switch. It's choices are "separate" or "combined" - make sure you are in combined.

Run coax down your tower.

How long is your coax run going to be? With the preamp you should be able to get away with a good distance. Also, do you intend to do a lot of splitting of the signal to various sources in your home?

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