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Originally Posted by Theresa View Post
I did notice in the terrain map it is showing our neighbors home instead of ours but the north and south maps show our home.
You are correct; I didn't notice that. I had entered the correct coordinates, but the FCC DTV site changed them:

I redid it and moved the marker to your location. The signals are weaker:

So most likely we won't be able to get service so do I even try or is it just a waste of money? Is it worth trying the Winegard HD7698P antenna with a preamp (Antennas Direct Juice or the Channel Master 7777HD/Amplify) are necessary and it should be at least 25' up facing south?
The computer simulations are having a hard time with your location; it is difficult to predict what you will be able to get.
Should I try a less expensive antenna to see if there is any viability in even trying to get some type of service?

If I were there with you, I would want to try some inexpensive antennas with a preamp in a test at different locations. For WSMV NBC I would try a Stellar Labs 30-2476 VHF antenna. It has a tilt feature that allows you to tilt the front end up to catch the signal coming down from the top of the hill. I would try aiming north first.

for WKRN ABC I would try the Solid Signal HDB91X UHF antenna. It also has a tilt feature and is on sale:

It is possible to move 100' to the north or east to maybe increase our chances of reception.
That is worth trying.

Red is the weakest listed signal strength; no color is even weaker.

I know our neighbors at the beginning of our drive use something similar to the Clearstream V2 facing South East on the front of their mobil home (100' lower elevation) and get multiple channels but again we are tucked back a little further than they are.
That sounds promising.
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