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Originally Posted by Pete Higgins View Post
... Wish I could find an old Channel Master 4251 that someone wanted removed.
Yes, hope you can find such. Was the CM-4251 popular in California?

I got started last summer playing with a 40+ year old Channel Master 4228. If it had received CBS on channel 43 (2.1) as well as it received NBC channel 36 (4.1) I probably wouldn’t have built my new system using a 91XG and an AntennaCraft Y10-7-13.
You have some nice antennas.

Interesting that you have found such a difference between the antennas. As you probably know, for the 91XG, its directivity (gain) increases with frequency, whereas the 4228 has relatively flat gain characteristic from around channel 20 or so, through channel 51. Unless there is some other factor, the 42 MHz difference between the two channels means quite a lot for the 91XG.

Would be interesting to see the TVfool predictions for your antenna locations, can you post them?

I have them connected through a coax switch in the garage so I can switch between them when needed.
Seem like a workable solution.

It would be interesting if you could compare this old LPA to some of the current crop of VHF High antennas like the Winegard YA-1713 or the AntennaCraft Y10-7-13 Yagi Antennas.
Yes, good thinking. That would be quite interesting.

Maybe that could be feasible. Right now, the Log Periodic is here in suburb Dallas, and the good antenna range is in KY. The LP is too long to ship by conventional means. And, probably the most interesting antennas (that I have) to compare against the LP are also located in KY.

Although, have done antenna comparisons at both locations (KY and here).

Such a test would be interesting and worth some thought and effort.
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