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Originally Posted by ghz24 View Post
I've considered adding an fta system.
So I'm curious

BryGuy460 could you explain going down or dropping? And why would you buy a new box every year?
And to get more responses to the IPTV device question you could start a new thread somewhere maybe here
(I guess it's a reception device sort of)

be236: I guess they aren't traditional but aren't the sub feeds like metv, ion, rtv, tuff, bounce... and PBS feeds available?
Going down as in no longer able to bring in the contnet you want though FTA. The channels change, DN works one day and the next it does not. I have 4 FTA boxes because to get the stuff you want you have to have the box that is working.
Anyway, FTA is dead to me. I pulled the trigger on the IPTV Pod and it has fixed the problem. I already get all the news and regular US programming that I wanted plus I am adding apps everyday for movies and well anything you can think of. I love this box, and would highly recomend it over investing in a dish/ FTA system. I even added the NFL Sports pakage, this thing is awesome and it is cheaper than an FTA reciever.
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