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What's best antenna for most channels for my location?

Tv fool report.

I'm looking for best setup to get all channels possible. Is 2 long range antennas setup better uhf,vhf? Would my situation be better with a long range combo?

I have a tripod and the antenna system will be mounted at least 30ft on house. Some trees but mostly single file or above smaller ones. I do plan on getting a rotor also.

Been looking at 8800u,7698,hd1850 etc. Trying to figure out what best longest range antenna i can get for my area.

on a side note I built a reflector-less dbgh antenna and can receive 12.1,22.1 and also 16 and 39 but snowy on windier days. antenna is currently 10 ft off ground.

I guess looking for best long range or fringe antenna if anybody thinks it will help in my situation. Would like to get it ordered and installed before snow flies here.

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