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Originally Posted by roadrunnerray View Post
Is there a signal booster I can add where the cable comes into the garage?
From the signal strength on your TV fool plot, and the antennas you are using, the preamplifier should give you more than enough signal to drive a 4 way splitter and 100 feet of cable.

Are you sure your cables between the antennas and the preamplifier are good? Are you sure your lead coming from the preamp into the house is good?

Something sounds like it is wrong somewhere. If I were troubleshooting your system, I would run a single piece known good new cable from the VHF antenna to a TV, scan, and see what channels it gets. I would do the same with the UHF antenna and see what channels it gets. (Some UHF stations will come in on the VHF, some VHF stations will come in on the UHF; that is normal and the filters in the preamp make sure it all comes out right when they are put together). Then I would reconnect everything as a system, and if I had lost any stations either antenna could receive on its own, I would figure out why.
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