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In your situation, it is likely that higher is better than a more powerful
antenna. You will want to use RG6 cable and keep it under 50 feet, if
at all possible. Since you have multiple hi VHF signals, you'll want an
antenna capable of receiving those signals. I do note you have some
low VHF signals but with the exception of WVPI 6 from Philly, the rest
are low power and without much good content. I'd suggest the
Winegard 7694P antenna. A 10' or more roof mounted mast is your
best option. You should walk around the roof, antenna mast in hand
having some one at the tv telling you what you are receiving. It is
entirely possible you might get better reception from Harrisburg/Lebanon
/York than Baltimore. Try both. Worry about multiple sets later, once
you're getting the best possible reception on one tv.
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