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Newbie in Northeastern Maryland with a couple ???s

Hello all. I'm looking for a little help. For starters, here is my report:

That does not tell the whole story. I am in a shallow valley with alot of trees.
Last week, picked up a Clearstream 4V. Mounted it quickly on my picnic table on my deck. Picked up 14 channels, all Baltimore (southwest direction) based which is great. Got

Would like to get WBAL which transmits from the same tower as WJZ.

Moved the antenna to the front yard. About 10' higher elevation.
Received in WBAL great AND WGAL which is almost 100 degrees away from my direction, 220 degrees. And got nothing else. Also running this thru 100' of RG6. On the deck is was 10' of RG59

Put the clearstream up 20' ?
Try another antenna?
Count my blessings in a valley with trees?

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